Penman Fairs: Chelsea Antiques Fair

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March 17-20
September 15-18 

Thursday Noon  8pm   
Friday / Saturday 11am-6pm   
 Sunday 11am - 5pm

This New September date is Confirmed

       Exhibitors include
Amherst Antiques    
Tunbridge ware

Bagshaw Fine Art     Paintings, mainly portraits 
Baron Fine Art         Paintings

Paul Bennett           Silver 

Jill Gosling              English porcelain & pottery
Hayloft                   Mid Century furniture & art  

Matthew Holder        Early European artifacts & Netsuke

Richard Hoppe         Art glass, scents & tiles        
Jupiter Antiques       Ceramics   

Paul Nayhew            Paintings

Markov                   Jewellery                  

M & D Moir              20thC glass
Designer jewellery     

Morgan Strickland      Arts Noouveau & Deco
Pars Oriental Rugs     Rugs and Kelims        

Petersfield Bookshop  Books & prints

Plaza                       Jewellery

Carolyn Stoddart Scott  Ceramics

Santiago Ventura Real  
General antiques       

Roger de Ville             Pottery   

Welbourne Fine Art      Paintings           

Chelsea Antiques Fair has seen many changes since its inception in 1950 - and now "18th - 21st Century ART DESIGN  ANTIQUES" are added,  explaining exactly what is on offer!

This fair does indeed encompass an extraordinary variety of categories, ages, qualities and prices.  The unexpected is lurking around every corner!

You will find anything from a 14th Century carved Saint to a 21st C stunning piece of designer Jewellery; but most pieces are 18th - 20th century, all vetted for authenticity and ready to join you in your stylish home!

In addition to this change, we have managed to book 
September 15th - 18th, to co-incide with the LADADA Fair
in Berkeley Square. This we can now confirm as a definite date.
So out-of-town collectors can visit both fairs in one hit!
This is a week earlier than we expected, so, if you have a blue Season Ticket card, please change the date!

 Sadly we have as yet only one furniture dealer, but we are confident that others will soon join in, as this is the most affordable 4 day fair in London. Penmans strive to keep the costs to a minimum for the dealers, so they can offer good value prices for visitors.

Furniture more than any other discipline needs affordable stands - as good Georgian furniture has never been so keenly prices... Buy Now while prices are so reasonable! When fashions change, the profits will be reaped by those who have bought while the market is down.

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