Penman Fairs: Petersfield Fair

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2017:  February 3 - 5
  &     September 8 - 10
Open Friday to Sunday 10.30am - 5pm

Admission £3.50              

Established over 40 years ago in Petersfield's Festival Hall,
The quality of this fair has gradually lifted to a very high standard, whilst keeping its feet firmly on the ground. It is Unpretentious!

Prices start from about £20, rising to perhaps the very occasional special £10,000 piece. Petersfield Fair offers both exhibitors and visitors a welcoming friendly atmosphere, where like-minded dealers and collectors can enjoy doing business.

Almost all the exhibitors are regulars, so we can maintain high standards and a good balance of disciplines. Jewellery is particularly popular in Petersfield, so we usually have 5 jewellers. Competition for these slots is strong!

Petersfield Fair was established in 1973 by Eric Gamlin, and Penmans took over in 1999.  The fair is now perhaps the most consistently successful Antiques Fair in the South, attracting buyers and sellers from across the UK.

As the Fair (and carpark) are busiest in the mornings, we recommend arriving around lunchtime or later to avoid the rush!


 The 2016 exhibitors have now re-booked for 2017, so as from 1st November, the few remaining stands are available for new exhibitors, except of Jewellery and Paintings as we have a sufficint quota of those disciplines.

The Petersfield Exhibitor List on the main Penman website will now show only those dealers booked for 2017. However, till December, the Sept 16 plan remains on display.

The autumn 2016 Exhibitors included:
Art of the Imagination,   Baron Fine Art,         Graham Bentley, Bottlebrook,                 Cantelo Antiques,      Gill Coe,           Drove House,               Emma Duveen,        Eastdale Antiques,  John Ebdon,                 Fashion Fandango     Garret & Hurst, Hickmet Fine Arts,         Richard Hoppe,         Candice Horley,        Jupiter Antiques,           Sue Killinger,             Lakes Boxes,      Markov,                      S & A Marsh,           Paul Mayhew,   Melody's Antiques,         Midwinter Antiques    Elizabeth Nicolson,    Not wanted on Voyage,  Olde Time Antiques,  Opus Antiques,        Parkside Antiques,         Petersfield Bookshop, Plaza,                     T. Robert,                  Shapiro & Co,            Corrinne Soffe,         Trivette,                Santiago Ventura Real,    Joscelyn Vereker,      Mark West Glass          Wilsons Antiques.